Friday, 27 July 2012

River Kennet on Paddle Points river map website

Canoeing and kayaking routes on the River Kennet are now appearing on the highly recommended Paddle Points website which provides canoeists and kayakers with the opportunity to use a Google Maps based search facility for new trip ideas, and permits registered users to record details of known routes and local features.

The home page of the Paddle Points website...

...provides access in a single click to a map of over 3000 markers (and whilst the rapidly growing number of European entries indicate the positive experiences of overseas paddling, the UK entries will hopefully contribute to increased levels of canoeing and kayaking tourism expenditure in the UK).

Users of the Kennet Navigation and the River Kennet are now also logging information on paddling routes.

Details include such as potential launch sites, weirs, locks and car parks, as well as nearby amenities including pubs and cafes recommended by paddlers.

The facility to include pictures of river features with additional written advice for paddlers is also included on the site.