Monday, 27 August 2012

RDAA confirms Kennet anglers don't condone threats to paddlers

The Chairman of Reading and District Angling Association (RDAA) has provided a positive response to concerns raised over the language used in relation to canoeists and kayakers on the River Kennet by a small number of RDAA members.

Details of aggressive posts that have previously appeared on the RDAA forum in response to apparent confusion over questions regarding navigation by canoeists and kayakers were listed on the Song of The Paddle website forum two days ago, prompting one paddler (who is also an angler) to write to the RDAA Chairman, Alby Cohen.

Mr. Cohen has replied promptly with the statement

"Further to your recent e-mail - I can assure you we don't advise or condone the disruption of any water orientated activity, whoever the participant or whatever their hobby or sport.
Thank you for drawing the matter to my attention. I will endeavour to make our position clear on the forum and try to ensure the offensive material is not repeated.

We do, however, like to encourage open debate on our forum and regret when some take advantage. I'm confident that these threats are just that! Should any member be proven to have carried out such threats they would be severely dealt with by our disciplinary committee."

It is to be hoped that this position will provide a step towards greater mutual understanding of the differing needs of others by all legitimate and responsible river users on the Kennet.