Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Open boating on County Lock Weir

Having not been down to the centre of Reading for a while, it was good to spot this submission for the Canoe England monthly photo competition:

Photo reproduced with kind permission of Oliver Richardson.  Good luck in the competition!

With the fall off of Kennet river levels during April, the wave below the weir at County Lock appears to be perfect for a spot of open boating.

This weir was not always such a good spot for paddling.  For many years a footbridge topped the weir on support stanchions, but by the 1990's it had fallen into disrepair, before being completely removed.  If travelling dowstream to the weir take care with the floating bollards which are designed to stop larger craft missing the lock, and whether canoeing or kayaking, airbags are always a good idea at this spot, as can be seen from this earlier video: